Airport Promotion Agencies Member of the APA

Airport Promotions

Auxilium Travel Retail is proud to announce that we are the official Dutch partner of the APA (Airport Promotion Agencies) as of January 1, 2021.

The APA is an international network of staff specialists and promotion agencies. We bring the client and agency together to provide promotional, sales, and hospitality activations. These activations take place at different airports, both before and after customs. The association is integrated by 10 corporate members which collectively cover more than 80 European airports.

To ensure quality leadership with significant market players and organizational and financial strength all our members are leading practitioner for promotional and sales staff and have full coverage of all airports in their countries. Membership to the APA demonstrates an agency’s commitment to excellence and to upholding leading industry practices. We were chosen based on our performances and furthermore cover all the airports in The Netherlands.

The membership is exclusive and shows the dedication that promotion agencies have to ensure top quality and that they guarantee to maintain successful activations within travel retail.

For clients not only does this make an APA agency a more reassuring supplier choice, but it also provides them with an invaluable network of outstanding pan-European practitioners.